What is the Katanastore?

  • The Katana Store is the Large Scale Demonstrator 2 Platform of the Katana EU Project. It is a Storefront which connects the Internet of Things like Beacon technology to the Storefront.


Who can register for the Katanastore platform?

  • The registration is possible for all Katana project participants, which have reached the evaluation process.


How can i register for a Storefront?

  • Just fill out the Storefront-Order-Formular. After we have received the order, we will check your authorization and also if your desired Storfront-Name is available. You will get an information, when the process is completely done and you will also receive your login data for your Storefront-Backend.


What for is the desired Storefront-Name?

  • We will create a seperate Storefront with your own Subdomain. Therefor is the Stroefront-Name. Example: desired Storefront-Name = cornshop –> Domain = cornshop.katanastore.eu


You need more detailed information? You need information about Beacons or links to order?


You want to see the functionality of the Katanastore.eu App or the API documentation?